Informing popular opinion

Winning Bizzness

Winning Bizness is an analytical news website which is dedicated to the successful entrepreneur. The platform is used to showcase the Indian entrepreneurial hub.Winning Bizness offers exclusive interviews with India’s top business tycoons.The idea is to mentor and motivate emerging leaders and impact the Indian economy.


Media Relationship Management

Trinity Global challenges the typical traditional PR still achieving mass media communication for the client on the following:

  • Securing Cooperation of the masses is the biggest challenge of every organisation, which we at trinity are very adroit in creating mass pull or push as required.
  • Successful relation with the public is the key to the growth of every organisation. The general negative hurting sentiments can be rectified with positive measures.
  • Satisfying different community & Groups and enjoying the support of the protagonists is the dream of every organisation. Trinity for-sees the need of every community and devises strategies accordingly creates the goodwill for the client or organisation.
  • Engaging in a Dialogue means exchange of ideas leading to result oriented ventures which is the most essential and meaningful activity for every successful organisation.
  • On-going Activity and activities that are to be done on recurring basis weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually.